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The Popularity Behind Boxing

The Popularity Behind Boxing

It’s referred to as the ‘boxing bug’. That feeling you get after you’ve tried your first boxing class and left everything you had indented in the heavy punching bags that hung from the ceiling. It’s the feeling of adrenaline that pulsed through your veins and left you counting down the hours until the next time you wrap your hands and put on those boxing gloves. The gloves that represent much more than pieces of leather and cowhide stitched together. To you, those gloves embody skills, stamina and strength – the triumph and failure that made you who you are today.

There is a reason that the sport of boxing has been around for hundreds of years, representing one of the oldest forms of contact sport. Boxing can be taken up by all levels of society, transcending economic or geographical barriers. Whether you’re an everyday athlete looking for new ways to push yourself to your limits, or interested in training your way to compete in the ring, boxing has something to offer everyone.

The physical benefits that boxing offers are endless. This high intensity total body workout burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than conventional exercise, engaging your upper body, lower body, and core. Boxing will test and advance your hand-eye coordination, footwork, flexibility, speed, core strength, and muscle power, improving your overall body composition.

However, there is more to boxing than the physical benefits. Boxing is an excellent way to learn the basics of self-defence. With being able to protect yourself, comes the feeling of empowerment and a boost in confidence. You will learn self-discipline, as you’ll uncover that your mind is capable of reaching new levels of focus and concentration. You’ll experience a deep relief of stress, as tension is released clearing your mind and allowing a wave of relaxation to overcome your body post boxing session.

But what makes boxing so popular is not the sport of boxing itself, it’s the atmosphere that comes with it. It’s the sense that you must always work hard to improve yourself, regardless of your skill level. It’s the confidence and self-respect that exuberates from boxer’s as they enter the room. It’s their motivated and excited outlook on life, and their desire to seek and overcome challenges. It’s about pushing themselves to take every chance and every opportunity that arises from their hard work and sacrifice. And from an outside perspective, it’s truly inspiring.

It’s never too late to give boxing a go for yourself. Our Power Boxing classes, suitable for all levels of fitness, will put you through boxing techniques and conditioning exercises outside the ring practiced by professional boxers. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.