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Top 3 Training Methods to Burn Fat Fast

As the end of the year quickly approaches, so does an ambush of New Year resolution talk. If you think that the terms ‘tone’, ‘firm’, ‘shed’, or ‘weight loss’ may end up written on your New Year’s resolution list, Underdog has you covered. Get ahead of the New Year gym rush and start now. You don’t need a new year to make a change – all you need is a Monday (or any day).

Here are the most effective 3 training methods that burn the greatest amount of fat.

1. High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is the number one most effective way to burn body fat. It’s an intense aerobic method that includes sprinting or tabata-styled workouts designed to condition the body in less time than steady state low intensity cardio. One HIIT session will leave your metabolism burning an increase in calories for up to 24 hours post training session. Try skipping for 20 seconds as fast as possible, followed by 30 seconds of a slower pace. Any form of exercise where you constantly switch up the rate of intensity to spike your heart rate for brief periods will leave your metabolism buzzing all day long.

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2. Boxing

Boxing is another sure-fire way to burn fat fast, as the average boxing session can leave your body burning up to 1000 calories. In its true form, boxing training reflects another form of high intensity interval training, as the combination of punches and conditioning exercises will leave you floored by the end of the session. The power of a punch stems from deep within the core and transfers through the chest muscles to the shoulders, triceps, biceps and through the fist. You’ll be using muscles that you didn’t even know you have! The combination of upper and lower body cardio and conditioning provides an ‘all in one’ training session to alleviate stress and melt body fat.

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3. Weight and Resistance Training

Exercises utilising your body weight, free weights, machines, or exercise bands will raise your resting metabolic rate, increasing the total number of calories your body burns throughout the day. Resistance training is the foundation for all fat loss programs. This type of exercise ensures that the weight you lose comes from fat stores rather than muscle stores, as losing muscle mass will stall fat loss goals altogether. Adding resistance training into your workout routine will not only make your clothes feel looser, but you’ll reverse the inevitable aging process of muscle tissue loss.

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It’s important to incorporate variation into your workouts to prevent muscle memory from stalling your progress. By integrating these 3 extreme fat burning training methods into your fitness routine, you won’t have to wait until the new year to look your best. After all, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.