Strength & Conditioning Classes

strength and conditioning classes in Dublin 2 - Underdog

Leaner, Fitter & Stronger!

Strength and Conditioning – Build muscle, gain strength!

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Underdog’s Strength & Conditioning is a game changer. These are not ordinary strength and conditioning classes where you do your bit and go home. You will learn HOW to perform the exercises correctly and most importantly WHY you perform the exercises the way you do.

You will not only increase your strength and confidence but you will also improve your body composition. You will look leaner and become stronger.

strength and conditioning classes run by Underdog in Dublin 2

What can you expect from our Strength & Conditioning classes?

You can expect to :

  • become stronger, leaner and fitter
  • learn correct technique
  • build lean muscle
  • get personal attention & advice
  • gain confidence

strength and conditioning classes for men and women in Dublin 2 run by Underdog Boxing

Who are Strength & Conditioning classes suitable for?

Underdog’s Strength & Conditioning classes are suitable for both men and women who want to:

  • learn correct technique
  • build lean muscle
  • get strong

Who will be training you?

The Strength & Conditioning classes are run by Stephane, our certified conditioning coach.

Remember, when you purchase class passes or sign up for a membership you can mix and match between Power Boxing, HIIT Boxing, Strength & Conditioning and Metabolic Conditioning.

Please book in at least 5 minutes in advance to attend any of our classes. If you missed the 5 min window for booking we’ll book you in at the reception depending on availability.

Cancellation policy: 8 hours

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