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Top 3 Reasons for Strength and Conditioning

Top 3 Reasons Strength and Conditioning is the Best Way to Build a Strong and Lean Physique

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a workout program is neglecting to include strength and conditioning into their routine. The age old idea that logging endless hours on cardio equipment will help you achieve that leaner and stronger look is simply not true, as you’ll end up losing muscle.

Research has concluded that failing to strength train can result in losing about half a pound of muscle each year after the age of 30. The good news is that incorporating strength and conditioning into your workout routine is the key to increasing and retaining muscle tissue. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to improve your overall performance, or simply looking to build confidence by toning your body, strength and conditioning is the winning ticket to achieving muscle tone and increased endurance.

For women concerned that strength training will result in a bulky and undesirable look, it’s time to put that fear aside. The low levels of testosterone present in women’s bodies keep them from resembling the hulk. So ladies, if you want to get fit, it’s time to pick up the weights. Not only will strength and conditioning help you get the athletic body you’re looking for, but most importantly you’ll feel healthier and stronger.

Here are the top 3 reasons to incorporate strength training into your next training session.

1. Slow Down the Aging Process.

There is no reason we can’t be physically and mentally fit into our old age. Strength training can reverse the natural decline in metabolism that our bodies experience with age.

2. Decrease Overall Body Fat.

Strength training leads to a significantly higher percentage of fat loss than aerobic training, as calories continue to burn up to 24 hours after a strength and conditioning training session.

3. Improve Confidence and Mental Well Being.

As you realise your strength potential and begin achieving goals you never imagined possible, you’ll feel an unbelievable boost of confidence. The positive physical changes you see in your body will boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety and depression.

Not convinced yet? Try one of our Strength & Conditioning Classes, and experience the benefits for yourself. You’ll have more energy, feel an increase in overall productivity, feel less stressed, sleep better, lose fat, build muscle, lower blood pressure, increase your cardiovascular circulation and feel that post-workout flow of endorphin. The benefits are endless. If feeling strong, determined and confident is your goal, Underdog Strength & Conditioning is for you. If you can crush it in the gym, you can crush it at life.