HIIT Boxing

hiit boxing classes in Dublin city centre

HIIT Boxing Classes In Dublin 2

Burn Fat & Get Fit And Toned!

HIIT Boxing classes are proven way to build muscle, burn fat and increase cardiovascular endurance. Boxing stimulates all muscle groups, provides both aerobic and anaerobic training. You will burn up to 1,000 calories in a workout.

What do HIIT Boxing classes involve?

Classes involve: involves short bursts of intense training, followed by brief periods of rest. It also includes boxing combinations, boxing moves and techniques, cardio drills, and specific boxing and conditioning exercises that professional boxers are put through.

Dublin boxing classes with hiit training - Underdog Boxing Gym in Dublin 2

Who are HIIT Boxing classes suitable for?

They are suitable for both men and women with all levels of fitness who want to:

  • increase their cardio fitness
  • lose weight & burn fat
  • tone arms and legs
  • get a flat stomach
  • release stress & sleep better

Dublin hiit training with boxing classes run by Underdog Boxing Gym in Dublin 2

What can you expect from HIIT Boxing?

You can expect to:

  • burn up to 1,000 calories per workout
  • burn calories even 24 hours after class
  • drop a dress size / shirt size in 3 weeks
  • dramatically increase your fitness level
  • release huge amount of stress (no joke!)

Remember, when you purchase class passes or sign up for a membership you can mix and match between Power Boxing, HIIT Boxing

Please book in at least 5 minutes in advance to attend any of our classes. If you missed the 5 min window for booking we’ll book you in at the reception depending on availability.

Cancellation Policy: 8 hours

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