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Give the Gift of Health and Fitness this Holiday Season

When your family members pop the annual ‘what would you like for Christmas?’ question, are you guilty of brushing it off and hoping for the best? What if I told you that you could make a holiday list that would change the way you look and feel. This year, ask for the gift of health and fitness, and give the gift of feeling great to your friends and loved ones as well. Not only will health and fitness never go out of style, but you’ll be equipping loved ones with the tools they need to start the New Year off on the right foot. Don’t fret, Underdog has the perfect list of health and fitness themed gifts for you to give and put on your own list.

1. Underdog gift cards

Available online or at the front desk, Underdog’s gift cards offer you and your loved ones access to Dublin’s state of the art boxing gym. You’ll have the option of attending Underdog’s exclusive fitness classes, private personal training sessions in and out of the ring, or signing up for specialized courses. Underdog has something to offer everyone.

2. Water Bottle

Underdog classes will have you working up a serious sweat. Having the perfect sidekick water bottle will make you more likely to drink water during your workout and throughout the day.

3. Activity tracker

Track how hard your body works when you train by measuring your heart rate, tracking your steps, setting daily goals, and monitoring how well you sleep afterwards.

4. New pair of runners

Fresh kicks are perfect for motivating and getting you excited to try out your newest footwear at Underdog. You get to show off how great your boxing footwork looks in your new shoes.

5. Boxing Gloves

Although Underdog supplies boxing gloves during classes, it can be nice to have a pair of your own to personalize your workout and prove your dedication to the sport.

6. Stylish gym bag

Unless you want to be losing items all over Dublin, it’s essential to have a stylish but functional gym bag to carry all the above items to and from Underdog.

7. Foam Roller

There’s no greater feeling than rolling out tight muscles following one of Underdog’s intense Strength and Conditioning or Power Boxing classes. Give your muscles the at-home massage they’re craving to increase blood circulation and reduce soreness, so you can get back to training the following day!

This year, when your family asks for your Christmas list, you’ll be armed with a full list of gift ideas that will help you look forward to Christmas again and get you to a whole new state of feeling good. The gift of health is the gift that will keep on giving.