Getting Started

New To Underdog Boxing?

Start here.

1)  Create Account

In order to book classes at Underdog Boxing, you’ll need create your own account. It only takes a few steps:

  1. click on the Book Now or Enroll Now or select an appointment for One To One on the timetable
  2. click ‘Create An Account’
  3. fill out the required fields

2) Buy A Series

Once you have created your account, select the series you wish to buy. You can buy just one class or a block of classes, it’s up to you.

3) Book A Class

Once you have made your purchase, chose the class you wish to attend and hit the make a reservation button. You can make a single reservation or a number of reservations. Remember you can always cancel a class without losing your class as long as you cancel 8 hours before the class starts. You can book classes up to a month in advance.

Remember, when you book a series of classes you can mix and match between Power Boxing, HIIT Boxing, Metabolic Conditioning, Strength & Conditioning.

4) Download App

You can use our Underdog Boxing app to manage your bookings. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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