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10 Easy Ways to Stay Fit at the Office

10 Easy Ways to Stay Fit at the Office

It’s commonly known that sitting for too many hours each day will lead to weight gain, but the full effects that this has on the body are less acknowledged by the public. One study concluded that obese people tend to sit for 2.5 more hours a day than those leaner, contributing to diabetes, bowel cancer, and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. If you’re looking to counteract the effects that sitting for too long has on your body to stay fit, read on to make the most of the time spent at your desk.

1. Make your morning commute a mini workout. Walking and biking to work may be reasonable for those working within a few miles of their homes, but for those living a little further out, park your car in the furthest corner of the park or a few office buildings over. For those that take public transport, get off one or two stops before your destination to maximize your movement.

2. Take the stairs. Sound too easy to you? Try taking double steps and feel those glutes burn.

3. Challenge yourself to drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the workday. Put markings on your water bottle to have a certain amount drank by 10am, followed by 12pm, 2pm, you get the idea.

4. Set a timer to perform simple exercises while sitting at your desk a few times per day. Try some seated leg raises, chair tricep dips, and oblique twists to engage your muscles.

5. Standing desks seem to be all the new rage, as research has concluded that sitting continuously for more than 2 hours leads to a higher risk of chronic disease. The best way to combat this? Stay fit by spending the first half of every hour standing at your desk, and the second half of the hour sitting.

6. Maintain proper posture throughout the day. Developing the bad habit shoulder slump over your desk will tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Keep your body strong and healthy for your future by establishing good posture.

7. Make the most of your lunch break. Whether it be taking a long walk outside, or making use of your office’s gym facilities – take advantage of this time to get closer to your fitness goals.

8. Send your documents to the printer that’s furthest from your desk to move around the office. Take this opportunity to do a few squats or jumping jacks and loosen up the joints and muscles.

9. Reorganize the workspace on your desk. You most likely have your desk set up in a way that everything important and most used is easily accessible within arm’s reach. But reorganizing things a little out of your way will force you to either stretch or stand up throughout the day.

10. Bring your training gear to work with you. As soon as the clock strikes home time, pop over to your local gym for a fun and intense fitness class. Bring some friends from work and turn it into a health-wise social activity to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals!

For your workday exercise fix – Underdog has you covered! Squeeze in one of our classes on your way to or from work to stay fit throughout the busy work week. You won’t get the body you want by sitting, so stay focused, get inspired, do your best, and you’ll be closer today than you were yesterday.